Lian Li Water Cooling Kit for Hydro ASICs

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Product Type: Water Cooling System.

Product Vendor: Lian Li

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The Lian Li Liquid water cooling kit is the latest cooling systemfor your Hydro Asic Miners.

Supporting Hydro miners from the top manufacturers including: Bitmain Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, Ipollo and Innosilicon

The Lianli integrated water drain is often used to dissipate heat for water-cooled miners.

The Lian Li cooling kit operates silently, effectively reducing chip temperature for your mining operation. Also, providing you with stable operations and fast heat. dissipattion.

The speed can be adjusted from 500 to 4500; the lowest speed can be adjusted in winter for cooler miner conditions and silent operation.  For higher ambient temperatures this cooling kit can be turned onto full speed to keep chip temperatures low throughout the year. 

The Lian Li cooling kit has a customized high-density finned water-cooled plate; 36 heat dissipation channels, providing more powerful heat dissipation. The cooling kit has  built-in 220V power supply with a  one-button boot making operation and set up simple.

*Adjustable Fan’s speed from 500-3000rpm / 500- 4500rpm
*Heating:30-50 degree
*Full Voltage(90-305V)
*CE Certification

Product parameters:

Oil filling capacity: ≈5L

Type of power interface: C14 female seat 1; need to match C13 power cord/220V

Water-cooled row power consumption: 0.16KW

Net weight: 12KG

Pipe diameter: water inlet and outlet diameter 12MM (need to match PU pipe with an outer diameter of 12MM)

Product size: 60*8.5*41(CM)

Test environment temperature: 27℃

Power:  12KW

Working noise: 20-70DB

Cooling radiator temperature: 43.6°C

Speed range: 500-4500 rpm


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