ColEngine P2 ALPH / RXD / Iron / KLS Miner

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The model ColEngine P2 is the latest generation FPGA miner to be released by ColEngine on the KarlsenHash (KLS) / IronFish (IRON) / Blake3 (ALPH) / SHA512256d (RXD) algorithm.

The ColEngine P2 supports 4 Algorithims:

Karslen (KLS): Hash Rate 32.08 Gh/s, Power consumption of 1484W.

lronfish (IRON): Hash Rate 332.48 Gh/s, Power consumption of 1395W.

Alephium (ALPH): Hash Rate 37.13 Gh/s, Power consumption of 1458W.

Radiant (RXD): Hash Rate 22.28 Gh/s, Power consumption of 1236W.

Upgraded features of this miner compared to previous K10 Model:

1. The external SD card slot for hash board has been removed and replaced with an internal chip, eliminating the risk of SD card damage.

2. The design of the internal chip saves on algorithm burning and loading time, resulting in faster hash rate, taking only about three minutes.

3. A new feature has been added for one-click algorithm switching, enabling direct switching to the corresponding algorithm with the machine autonomously burning the algorithm, significantly reducing the burning time (not ready yet, planned for future updates).

4. Smoother operating systems.

5. The ventilation system has been improved to prevent the machine from overheating.

6. The size has been reduced.

7. The packaging protection has been enhanced.

8. The hashrate of a single chip has increased by around 10%.


Manufacturer ColEngine 
Model P2
Release April 2024
Fan(s) 4
Power 1236-1484W
Voltage 190-240v
Interface Ethernet



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