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The Canaan Avalon Nano 3 is a portable small heater that can generate Bitcoin. It is developed and produced by the NASDAQ-listed company Canaan Inc. and belongs to the Avalon product line.

With Avalon Nano 3, all the troubles in winter are solved as you can not only warm your home, but also produce BTC revenue during this process!

Power Consumption:

The Avalon Nano 3 can be configured to mine using 140W, 100W or 65W of power. The Avalon Nano 3 is compatible with 65W, 100W and 140W PSU models. Please note that a 100W PSU only supports mining at 100W or 65W, and a 65W PSU only supports mining at 65W. The power supply contained is a 140W power supply.


Avalon Nano 3 is available in five colors, Black, White, Bright Yellow, Midnight Blue, and Peach Fuzz. 


Your Avalon Nano 3 can begin mining as soon as it is powered on and connected to a mining pool through an internet connection.

Each Avalon Nano 3 comes with a QR Code for registration of an account with the Brai-ins Pool.

*Brains Pool advertises the following features:

You can withdraw mining profits via Lightning Network from within the pool UX

Instant withdrawal via QR code

Clients without opened channels and inbound liquidity can use custodial wallets to get payout without fee; clients with opened channels and inbound liquidity can withdraw to any wallet supporting lightning

Low limits on withdrawal 1,000 sats

No fees are charged by Brains Pool for withdrawal

0.5% pool fee for the first 500 accounts; 2.5% for additional accounts

You can find more information about Brains Pool here:

Brains Pool is a product of Brains Mining Limited and is not affiliated with Canaan or Coin Mining Central. We are not responsible for Brains Mining Limited or the Brains Pool. Terms and conditions may apply.

Estimate revenue (based on 9th May profit of BTC)

$0.12/day is all you need

Plug, heat, and earn $0.3 each day

This is Avalon Nano 3

*based on the avg US residential electricity price



Manufacturer Canaan
Model Nano 3
Also known as Avalon Nano 3
Release July 2024
Size 205 x 115 x 57mm
Weight 725g
Noise level 33-36db
Power 140W (Max)
Input Voltage 28V
Air outlet Temperature 40℃ - 60℃
Hertz 50/60Hz

 Mineable coins:

    • bitcoin
      Bitcoin (BTC)

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Coin Mining Central
Coin Mining Central


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