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This limited edition ANTRACK provides you with the perfect mining facility for the S21 Hydro miners. The Antrack from Bitmain provided housing for quiet and efficient Hydro mining.

The ANTRACK is used for water-cooled high-computing servers released by BITMAIN, providing efficient, predictable and economical cooling for water-cooled high-computing servers.

The ANTRACK provides low-temperature coolant that meets the requirements for water-cooled high-computing power servers, and provides a good working environment for water-cooled high- computing power servers.

The coolant used for the ANTRACK is pure water or glycol antifreeze (the specific coolant depends on the environmental conditions of the project site).  

This purchase is for the Antrack only! No Miners are included!

How it works:

ANTRACK draws air through a fan and cools the coolant independently. The coolant dissipates heat into the air through a heat exchanger. The cooled coolant is pumped to the high hashrate server to take the heat away from the server. The heated coolant returns to the heat exchanger for heat dissipation and cooling, and is continuously circulated to ensure the stable operation of the high-computing power server. 

System composition 

ANTRACK consists of cabinet frame, high-efficiency heat exchangers, fans, a circulating pump, a temperature control system, etc.

1) Cabinet frame

The cabinet frame is used to install high-efficiency heat exchangers, fans, water pump, temperature control systems and other components, with sufficient strength to ensure the firmness and reliability of the dry cooling tower during transportation, loading and unloading, and operation.

2) High-efficiency heat exchanger

The high-efficiency heat exchanger is composed of quick plugs, aluminum fins, water collectors, etc. It is a closed-loop system that dissipates heat into the air through a coolant.

3) Fan

The fan primarily provides forced ventilation to the high-efficiency heat exchanger, cooling the coolant by taking away the heat from the coolant inside the heat exchanger through a rapid air flow.

4) Circulating pump
The role of the circulating pump is to power the water circulation inside ANTRACK.
5) Temperature control system
The temperature control system is installed on the front panel of the cabinet, and the fan can
be controlled by the water outlet temperature of the water pump (i.e., the water outlet temperature of the high-computing power server).


Specifications: ANTRACK

Manufacturer Bitmain
First release July 2024
Capacity 4* units Antminer (S21 Hyd.)
Maximum load,kW 24
Size 600*2000*1000
Weight 300 Kg
 AC input voltage 380~415v
Interface EJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Ambient temperature, °C 15 - 45 °C
Working fluid(1-3) Deionized water/Pure water


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