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Antbox Mining Facility

Start your own independent mining farm with the Antbox N5, a high quality mobile mining facility! It uses standard container construction, which allows you to start mining straight away, greatly saving you on the time and cost of building a mining farm. The Antbox is easily transportable allowing seasonal migration to access to cheap water electricity and suitable mining temperatures.

The Antbox is an extremely efficient, very practical facility which offers low power consumption to increase profits and maximise return on investment. The Antbox has an internal single-row design and achieves very good heat dissipation through fan cooling, external curtain walls and electric shutters.

A single Antbox can house 324 S9 Antminers / 180 S17 Miners and is suitable for V9, T9+ and L3++ and other mining models.

A 365-day warranty is offered on both N5 Mining Facilities.


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