GTX 1080TI Gallardo Graphics Card

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Product Type: Graphics Card

Product Vendor: Gallardo

Product Details


Product Name
Manli GeForce® GTX1080Ti Gallardo
Model  M
Chipset Name
GeForce® GTX1080Ti
Base / Boost Clock
Memory Clock
Memory Configuration
Memory Interface
Bus Type
PCI-Express 3.0
Cooling Design
Heatsink with Triple Cooler
Display Output
HDMI 2.0b + 3x DP 1.4
Card Dimension
31.4 x 12.6 x 4.2cm
Graphics Card Power
Maximum GPU Temperature
Packaging Dimension
36 x 17 x 11cm


1. Please contact us to help troubleshooting the issue with Online consultation.
2. If you are able to locate the defective part/unit. Please create a warranty order and ship to Pangolin
3. If the PCB/unit of the Miner or PSU is burnt, oxidized, broken or the PIN on it is fallen off, it will be scrapped the unit. Please do not return the it.
4. If customer disassembly/replaces any parts especially hashboards without permission from PangolinMiner, for technical reasons the miner/PSU w not be repaired.
5. Please only ship the defective part (Whatsminer/PSU/hash board/control board) to our repair center, do not include the accessory.

a. Pack the parts carefully better with foam to avoid shipment damage, the warranty will not cover the faulty part caused by shipping.
b. Please print two copies of the Repair Ticket, stick one outside the package, and put one inside. The package will be rejected if there are not two copies of Repair Ticket.
c. Please be noticed all the custom clearance fee would be billed to clients and inform your transport company to deal with the custom issue with you first to avoid the delay. PangolinMiner will not be respond to any custom issue. (Better declare the low value “within 50$” as the “Warranty Item”).
d. Please make sure that the delivery made on work days only, and “MiniServer” (or your “Power supply”) described on the waybill item description.
e. We will not accept any form of "Freight Collect", and the packages will be sent back to the sender. Per our clause of warranty, you need to take over all the expense of shipment.
f. Please DON’T ship any product of the company that PangolinMiner is not responsible to. Packages containing other products will be returned to the sender or discarded.
g. The warranty will not cover the products have been repaired by other association or people.
h. PangolinMiner will only give support to our Direct Clients, all the product sold from PangolinMiner were recorded in our systems. Any resold parts will not be included to repair support.

3.     Create your ticket of Repair. 
a. Log into your PangolinMiner account.
b. Select the “YOUR TICKET” option bar at the “ACCOUNT” interface.
c. “Submit a new ticket” with your warranty request to
d. We will firstly make Online consultation with your problem. Then send you a Repair ticket form to fill up if your problem need warranty.e. Print two copies of Repair ticket as mentioned above, stick one outside your package and put one inside.f. Add new message with the tracking number at the ticket you submit the request.
4.      Instructions for out of warranty repair
If your machine is out of warranty, you can send the parts or machine to PangolinMiner for paid repair.
Please follow the process as Section 3: Create your ticket of repair.The bill will be sent to you once the machine was done the repair.Note: If the hashboard/part get damaged during the transport, we are not able to repair them.


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